Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Jesse Hollister – now Assistant professor at State University of New York, Stony Brook:

Annabelle Haudry – now a Maître de conférence at the University of Lyon

Tanja Slotte – now Associate Professor in Ecological Genomics at Stockholm University

Kim Gilbert – now SNSF Ambizione fellow at University of Bern

Juan Escobar – now Vidarium Research Institute in Columbia

Maggie Bartkowska – Now data scientist at Statistics Canada

Stuart Campbell – Now P3 Independent Researcher at the University of Sheffield

Matthew Hartfield– Now Marie Curie International Fellow at Aarhus University

PhD Students:

John Paul Foxe – now Educational Developer at Ryerson University

Gesseca Gos – now Postdoctoral Fellow at Mount Saini Hospital

Khaled Hazzouri- now Research Assistant Professor at United Arab Emirates University

Arvid Ågren– now Research Associate at the :erner Research Institute of the Cleveland Clinic

Emily Josephs– now Assistant Professor at Michigan State University

Josh Hough

Ramesh Arunkumar- now postdoctoral fellow at Oxford University

Robert Williamson – now Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Rose-Hulman University

Felix Beaudry– now Research Associate in Clinical Genome Interpretation at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Julia Kreiner– now Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellow at UBC

Masters Students:

Vaquaar-un-Nisa Dar- currently a bioinformatician in BC

Adriana Salcedo – now bioinformatician at the Ontario Cancer Institute

Daisy Crowson – Graduate student in the UK

Jasmina Uzunivoc- Now bioinformatician at Genetech

Research Staff

Baharul Choudhury

Niroshini Epitawalage

Wei Wang

Ting Liu

Undergraduate researchers:

Greg Raczkowski – currently a third-year B.Sc. student at the University of Toronto

Cristina Oleantu – currently a third-year B.Sc. student at the University of Toronto

Lucas Masopaolo – currently a third-year B.Sc. student at the University of Toronto

Gabriel Iorgovan- currently a dental student at the University of Western Ontario

Sushant Misra

Arezou Mohajer- currently a graduate student at York University

Mohammad Mohktari- currently a dental student at the University of Toronto

Nardin Nano- Graduate student at University of Toronto

Madonna Peter- Completing her BSc. at York University

Andrew Rust- currently a medical student, University of Toronto

Himani Sharma- Completing her B.Sc. at York University

Mohammad Sheikh- currently completing his honours thesis at York University

Ilya Shoimer- currently a medical student at McMaster University

Neera Singhal- currently a dental student at University of Western Ontario