Stephen I. Wright- Primary Investigator

cv:Wright_CV (updated December 2016)

Stephen got his PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2003, working with Deborah Charlesworth, and did a postdoc at the University of California, Irvine, with Brandon Gaut. His research interests are focused on genome evolution, genomic conflicts, and population genomics.

Felix Beaudry – PhD Candidate





Felix is interested in the interplay between genetic recombination, gene expression and sexual dimorphism. He studies sex chromosomes in the species Rumex hastatulus, which is polymorphic for a X-Autosome fusion. By using population genetic techniques, he hopes to understand how sexed-bodies and genetic sex come together to influence genome evolution. Felix completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Victoria in BC, where he studied the evolution of fish opsin.

Josiah Butt – Undergraduate Researcher








Josiah is finishing his 4th year at U of T double-majoring in Evolutionary Biology and Genetics. He is conducting his senior thesis in the Wright Lab investigating female meiotic drive in Rumex hastatulus.

Baharul Choudhury – Research Associate

Baharul got his PhD at Concordia University, working on the population genetics of traditionally cultivated rice. His current research focus is on chromatin evolution on the sex chromosomes of Rumex.

Julia Kreiner – PhD Student
Co-supervised by John Stinchcombe


Julia completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, working with Brian Husband on the evolutionary dynamics of unreduced gamete production in Brassicaceae and its implications for polyploid formation. She is currently studying the population genomics of resistance adaptation to ALS herbicides across the Brassicaceae, and glyphosate in Amaranthus, to gain insight into factors that limit the extent and rate of adaptation.

Tyler Kent– PhD Student

Tyler did his undergrad at UC Davis with a major in Genetics and Genomics and a minor in Statistics, where he worked on crop-wild gene flow in Oryza and helped develop scripts to make genomic software easier to use and visualize. He is currently working on mapping recombination and gene conversion in Capsella grandiflora in order to better understand recombinational hotspots in plants and to be able to comparatively study the effects of background selection in Brassicaceae.

Joanna Rifkin- Postdoctoral Fellow
Co-supervised by Spencer Barrett





Joanna did her PhD with Mark Rausher at Duke University, where she studied the genetics and population genetics of mating system evolution in morning glories. Her current research involves studying the comparative genomics of sex chromosome evolution and the genetics of sex ratio variation  in the genus Rumex

Jasmina Uzunovic- MSc Candidate

Jasmina did her undergraduate work at the University of Toronto and worked in the Wright lab on the population genomics of transposable elements (TEs) in Capsella. Her current work is investigating the role of TEs in gene expression variation.

Ting Liu – Bioinformatician

Ting is a bioinformatician working with a number of labs in the department. In the Wright lab, she is working on comparative genomics and molecular evolution in the Brassicacae.